Baff GmbH. Who we are and what we do?

Baff GmbH, based in Mutterstadt, was founded in 2008 by our managing director and owner Patrick Strese. For us, almost everything revolves around the right rhythm. Baff GmbH has several business areas that we would like to introduce to you:

  • Workshops for kindergartens and schools.
    We are the leading provider of drumming workshops for schools and kindergartens and have various events for schools and children that we offer throughout Germany.
  • Manufacturer and trade of musical instruments, toys and educational books.
    We develop musical instruments, learning concepts and musical toys which are especially used in kindergartens and schools. Our patented products not only look good, they also provide a lot of fun and community spirit. We distribute these to various countries around the world.
  • Marketing of the event location FRAUENBAD in Heidelberg
    Together with our business partner SCHILLING Roofbar GmbH & Co.KG from Heidelberg, we market the event location FRAUENBAD in Heidelberg: see
  • Teambuilding events for corporate events
    With our brand we market different team events for corporate events. We offer indoor events, outdoor events, hybrid events as well as online events that are sure to get any team moving and have a lot of fun.
  • DRUM OLE Percussion Shows
    With our DRUM OLE brand, we have been the leading provider of interactive drum workshops and percussion shows for many years. These are mainly aimed at companies: from team events to percussion shows for 5,000 people, we really bang the drum. See also
    Own location with online studio or for children's birthday parties and conferences in Mutterstadt

What our clients say about our drum workshops

  • Thank you very much for the great drumming day. The children had a lot of fun and even the new team slogan was created from the rhythms. Dudenhofen Handball Youth
    I would like to thank you very much for the great implementation of the workshop and the parent-child-action. All the time we hear the great rhythms and the sounds of the world travel music in our ears. It was simply terrific!!! My whole team was totally enthusiastic about the three of you and the wish to do something together sometime remains. There was a wonderful response from the parents and great feedback via the newspaper. Frankfurter Neue Presse and the Sossenheimer Wochenblatt also wrote great articles about the festival. We can all be proud together! ...] Kita Farbenland
    We think back to our drumming project with great pleasure. We all had great fun. Now we will soon have summer holidays and some of the children are leaving for school. Thank you very much for the great videos as a reminder of the time. We watched them with the children and they were very enthusiastic. It is nice that the parents can also participate in this way. Liebfrauen Kindergarten Worms
    A very big and heartfelt thank you goes to the great artists Roman Fischer and Stephan Hering who could not have done it better. These two deserve the greatest respect and are a mega, great, well-rehearsed team!!!! The children felt super guided and comfortable with them... and we as a staff enjoyed having such a bubbly, relaxed atmosphere at our school through the two of them. We certainly won't forget it in a hurry! Drum roll for Hering and Fischer!!!????✌
    We would be happy to get in touch with you again to say "thank you"! It was a great day with Mr Hering and our children had a lot of fun with him. 🙂 In addition, our nursery was also delighted with the starter set. This will now find its way into our open group concept so that the children can keep at it. Maybe we will have the opportunity to work together again. In any case, I have already recommended you. 🙂 Kindergarten Pusteblume Großneuhausen
    Thank you very much that the event you booked today in Ibbenbüren went so well. It was a complete success! Carlos could not be topped, and neither could we. I think we were ready for the stage in no time at all.???? We would be happy to recommend this event to others. It has added value and incentive to bring a team in line. We actually already are, but this event har managed to create even more balance and strike a chord. Day care centre Ibbenbüren
    We had 3 great days with Mr Hering and the drum concept. Thank you very much. Everyone had a lot of fun. Speyer Primary School
    .... Thank you very much! I am sure we will come back to you again in the future. I can't remember that we have ever had project days so perfectly suited to our pupils. Düren special school
    Today we had our drumming workshop with Ricardo. I would like to give you a short feedback from today. Ricardo did a really great job with the drum workshop with the children. St. Mauritius Kindergarten
    It was an entertaining, intensive musical afternoon with Mr. Hering, which the children participated in with enthusiasm. Kindergarten Limburgerhof
    ... today was really a great day for the many children and also for the adults. High praise to Mr. Hering, who led the event very well. We all had fun and gained new experiences. St. Notkerschule, Deggendorf
    ... I would like to thank you once again for the successful drumming project led by Mr. Michael Gerzer. The project was very well received by all participants (children, teachers and parents). Mr. Gerzer was very responsive to our individual questions and wishes. We can highly recommend him as a competent teacher. Nursery school "Rasselbande", Weil der Stadt-Münklingen
    With a good drum roll, all the children were able to experience an unforgettable day together and really let it rip. With great guidance, they trained their sense of rhythm during the workshop days and prepared for the big performance. Colourful cajons and costumes were created and the continents were conjured up in the Humboldtring on the day of the performance ...
    The drumming event was a real event!!! The children had so much fun (and so did I :-)), the two gentlemen who were with us did a great job and put together a great programme with us in a short time! The children in my class were in a real drumming frenzy and the whole thing - working on the different continents and designing the costumes - was also great! There was a lot of teamwork!

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