Music stool. High quality Cajon for adults

Our stylish music stools. For adults, there is a stylish lounge stool in black, white and natural (birch). The four feet and the hidden, downward-facing sound hole are visually very attractive. According to DRUM HEADS magazine, the sound of the lounge stool from baff is "first class" due to its absolutely concise bass and snare sound. The lounge stool blends in well with the existing interior and can be used both as a seat and as a shelf. A big advantage is that the lounge stools are very compact and can be moved around easily. The flexible change of the seating arrangement creates a relaxed atmosphere. Whether it's a spontaneous get-together with the neighbours in the living room or turning the basement into a party lounge - everything is possible without much effort.

The lounge stool is available in three colours: white, black and natural (birch).


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