Rhythm training for educators and teachers. Seminar on rhythm, movement and language

Music connects and brings children closer together again! It enables children to express themselves through singing, sounds and movement in a way that words may often not allow. Especially during and after the time with Corona, music therefore forms an effective means of promoting the mental and physical health of adolescents. Despite this knowledge, professionals and teachers often lack musical training, qualifications, or even ideas on how to implement and integrate appropriate musical interventions. This is exactly where we can help!

In our rhythm training for educators and teachers, you will acquire skills about the basics of rhythm and how you can successfully implement it in lessons and everyday life. What does drumming mean for language development and how can I use it in everyday kindergarten and school life without overexerting myself? How can I promote children's perception, forms of expression and community against a pedagogical background? How do I best design such teaching units? All these questions will be answered in our seminar with practical exercises and lots of fun!


Course details:

  • Introduction to theory and practice
  • Inspiring drum workshop
  • Origin and history of the instrument
  • Sitting posture and beating techniquesPractical examples
  • Rhythm and beat
  • Use in lessons and everyday life
  • Pedagogical background
  • Perception, language, movement, rhythm, forms of expression, community
  • The seminar is approximately two to three hours long.

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