Drum-AG: Drumming in school and kindergarten with regular courses

Would you like to offer a drumming group in your kindergarten or primary school, in which a lot of work is done with rhythm, music and movement? Bring us to your institution and we will teach the children how to learn rhythms together in a regular course. In the drum workshop, we practise playing different instruments (cajon, djembe, boomwhacker). Different drumming techniques are practised as well as polyphonic drum pieces and we also work on a joint drum and music performance that can be performed at a big concert at the end.

The company Baff GmbH is dedicated to rhythm. Our unique system enables children to learn quickly and is amazingly easy to use.


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Course details of a drum club:

  • Theory and practice of Cajon playing and rhythm.
  • Drum workshops with different rhythm exercises for the children
  • Origin and history of the instrument
  • Sitting posture and beating techniques
  • Rhythm and beat
  • Playing/accompanying pop songs and songs
  • Language development
  • Getting to know other instruments such as djembe, boomwhacker,tambourines etc.
  • Singing and practising a performance
  • Perception, language, movement, rhythm, forms of expression, community

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