KLACKS Box (Cajon Pad). Small box, big sound.

Small box, big sound! The KLACKS! Box is a table and floor cajon. Our KLACKS! - Box is the ideal way to incorporate rhythm into everyday learning. It is ready for use in seconds and can be used as a table or floor Cajon. With a little practice, it can even be played on the lap. The KLACKS! - Box is made of high-quality birch wood and its flat design makes it particularly space-saving. Nevertheless, the sound is not neglected in this slim design: The KLACKS! - Box guarantees a differentiated bass and snare sound thanks to our tried-and-tested snare system.

A cool, youthful graphic in digital print, which is available in black or white, rounds off the Klacks! - box. Each KLACKS! instrument comes with free instructions as a download with numerous rhythm exercises, playing ideas and a downloadable CD.

With KLACKS! you can learn rhythm and drumming in the simplest way. Each KLACKS! - instrument is printed with two red and one blue hand, which mark the two notes "bass and snare". To simplify matters, we have also developed our own staff system, which consists of various symbols. The representation with symbols and coloured aspects enables the children to play rhythms in the simplest way.


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The basis of our KLACKS! System is the textbook, which was written especially for educators and teachers. In it, you will find examples of use, music games on various topics (movement, language development or numerical comprehension), rhythm exercises, join-in songs and join-in stories. A learning CD with rhythm exercises and join-in songs as well as the helpful note symbols for display complete the textbook. The textbook is designed in such a way that no previous musical knowledge is required and the subject of "rhythm" is explained in the simplest possible way.

In addition to the KLACKS! Box, it is possible to purchase a matching storage roll container for a total of 12 Klacks! Boxes can be purchased. The container is very sturdily built and can be moved from classroom to classroom as it stands on four small castors.

Additional material: Textbook and roll container


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