Song workshop. Perform your school song or kindergarten song

What child doesn't dream of being able to play many instruments and sing and perform to their own song? In our song workshop, the children not only have the chance to get to know several instruments, but also create their own lyrics and their own song, which they will perform together with their own choreography at the end. They will be supported by a professional musician. Of course, we will bring all the instruments and necessary materials for the workshop!


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Description Song workshop event:

At the beginning, we all meet together in a large gymnasium/ assembly hall, where the overall performance should also take place at the end. Here our artists welcome the children and a joint body percussion workshop with all the children follows: We start with a joint warm-up that gets everyone excited and explain the rest of the procedure for today's workshop day!

After the warm-up, we will rehearse different tasks such as drumming, singing and dancing with the children in different individual workshops. For example, we could divide the children into classes (a,b,c,d) or by age. In the individual workshops, we work out further musical (or other) highlights with each group individually. Depending on the time frame, budget and wishes, the children can either attend each workshop 1x, so that they get to know all instruments and contents, or we form workshops in which the children only attend one of the workshops mentioned. We recommend that the children attend and get to know each workshop 1x. This way the children have a lot of variety and also get to know all the artists and instruments. We can implement the concept with different numbers of artists, on one day or on several days, depending on budget, group size and possibilities on site.

The workshops can take place at the same time with several artists and the children go through the different workshops one after the other, or one after the other if we only have 1 artist on site, for example. We are very flexible here:


Die Workshopmöglichkeiten:

You can choose between different workshops for the song workshop. We can also implement a song workshop with only 2 workshops or even several workshops. The concept is very variable and is always adapted to the conditions (size of the institution/school, number of rooms, budget, etc.):

  • Workshop 1: Rhythm with Cajon Workshop
    Each child/participant receives a music stool (= Cajon) and experiences a first-class drumming workshop with our workshop leader! The children and young people learn a beat to the pre-produced playback and study a rhythm performance that rocks and is fun!
  • Workshop 2: Samba with tambourines and percussion
    Under the guidance of our artists, samba beats are rehearsed here with tambourines and other small and large percussion such as shakers, whistles and stand toms, and a choreography with percussion and dance is worked out.
  • Workshop 3: Melody with so-called boomwhackers
    Another workshop is the so-called Boomwhacker Workshop. Boomwhackers are sound tubes that are precisely tuned to different notes of the scale. The event leader assigns the different notes in groups so that each team takes on one element in the overall rhythmic context.
  • Workshop 4: Singing and Lyrics Workshop
    Probably the most important and individual instrument in the world - our voice! How can I train it? How do I hold a tone? Which song text fits our beat? All these questions will now be answered and an own song with own lyrics will now be written together and then sung and rehearsed together. The resulting verses are sung and rapped by the whole group as part of the song. The joint song is created.
  • Further workshops:
    You would like to implement further workshops on site, which are to be chosen or divided up? No problem. We can easily put together more workshops. For example, a dance workshop or another musical workshop with e.g. ukulele workshop, beatbox interludes, djembe workshop or the like. We are open to any suggestions and concepts, which we will be happy to implement for you.

Time to Shine. The song performance

After all the children have been to the workshops and got to know the different instruments and artists, all the children come back to the big room (gym or assembly hall) at the end. First, the children present what they have learned in the workshops to the other grades as a kind of "battle" and show what they have learned and rehearsed. Afterwards, the final result takes place: the joint performance with the respective rhythm and show interludes, which are now put together to form a joint performance. Your children are all in the spotlight.

We can also record the performance on site as a video or audio.

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