PiZZABEATS. Keep the beat and grab those pizza slices!

PiZZABEATS is a game for small and large groups that requires movement, reaction and a sense of rhythm. Top the pizza with your favourite ingredients and play a groovy beat together with your fellow players. The colourful pizza slices are all topped with fun ingredients that require fun actions: Bruno Broccoli requires stomping and Siggi Salami invites you to clap. Carlo Champignon swings the drum and Paul Paprika encourages the other players to snap. In total, there are eight different action symbols that guarantee lots of fun.

The PiZZABEATS board looks like a delicious pizza and is randomly covered with different pizza pieces at the beginning of the game. The pizza pieces are covered with either one or two symbols, each of which stands for a quarter note or an eighth note and is to be executed slowly or quickly according to the rhythm.


PiZZABEATS including app download

Your conductor of PiZZABEATS is Luigi, the pizza maker. Luigi decides which symbol to start the game with. The game is played clockwise. To keep the beat, you can download our app for free. There you will find different levels of beats and play-alongs to play your pizza groove to. Each round starts with you starting any level of the app and playing the rhythm sequence indicated by the pizza pieces in a clockwise direction together with your fellow players. If you make a mistake, you're out! Those who make it to the end of the level receive a pizza chip as a point.

PiZZABEATS can be played in two different ways: as a competitive game or as a cooperative game. In the competitive version, the players who can keep the beat the longest win. In the cooperative game form, teamwork is required. Here, you keep the beat together and try to play the rhythm sequence that is displayed on the pizza game board until the level of the app is over.


PiZZABEATS App-Download

Before you play PiZZABEATS, you should download our free app. There you will find different levels of bars and play-alongs to which you can play your PizzaGroove. Each playback is labelled according to its level. When you use the app, select one of the levels. The lower the level, the slower the rhythm. Can you play your way up to rock musician? We offer the corresponding app versions for both Android and IOS devices:

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