Excellent products. Buy Cajons and Musical Toys

Are you looking for a cool Cajon and thinking about buying one? With us you get the Cajons directly from the manufacturer. Here you will surely find the right Cajon for your needs. We have Cajons for big and small, beginners, professionals or hobbyists. Our products have won the INNOVATION AWARD for the best educational concept, the QUERDENKER AWARD for the most innovative business concept and the MAMA MAGIC Award. Even our rhythm game Biff Baff was nominated TOP-10 Toy of the Year. We produce musical instruments, learning concepts, educational books and musical toys that are especially used in kindergarten and school. Our patented products not only look good, they also provide a lot of fun and community spirit.

Stapelbare Cajon

Stackable Cajon

Whether in kindergarten, school or at a workshop, there is room everywhere for the stackable Cajons.

Pizzabeats Rhythmusspiel

PiZZABEATS Rhythm Game

Keep the beat and grab the pizza slices! PiZZABEATS is a cool rhythm game.

Kinder-Cajons in bunten Farben

Colourful children's cajons

The cool children's stools (cajons for kids) look stylish, are inexpensive and sound first class.

Cajon-Bausatz für Kinder und Erwachsene

Cajon kits

Cajon kits for children and adults with a top sound and easy to build. Made in Germany!


OffBeat Rhythm Game

Cajon game and rhythm game made of cardboard that awakens the musician in you. Ideal for children and families!

Papp-Cajon für Kinder und Erwachsene

Cardboard Cajons for small & big

Cardboard Cajon with super snare sound and great bass. It is delivered in white, so that you can also paint it.

Piratenhocker Piratencajon

Pirate stool

Kids love pirates! And we have the matching cajon with a great sound in pirate look.

Beatbox Cajon

Beatbox Cajon

The cajons for our teenagers. A cool stool with a seat height of 42cm on which you can play cool beats.


Music stool

For adults, there is a stylish lounge stool in black, white and natural. A Cajon with an incredibly good sound.


Video seminar

In our new video seminar you will learn how to play rhythm in the simplest way.


Craft & Shake

Build and paint your own musical instrument. Ideal for children's birthday parties and gifts.

Biff Baff

Biff Baff

With 13 ways to play, it is the ideal rhythm game for kindergarten and school/day care.

Das beatbook wurde speziell für den Einsatz in Kindergärten, Schulen und Musikgruppen entwickelt.

Beatbook Textbook

The beatbook was specially developed for use in kindergartens, schools and music groups.



Small box, big sound. The KLACKS Box is ideal for schools and kindergartens. Cajon pad with big sound.



The bodybox can be played both sitting and standing. Cajon for seniors and special people.


Cajon chair

Turn your living room into your stage and drum with your own Cajon chair (white, black or natural).


Brand YOUR Cajon

We are happy to produce our Cajons (wood or cardboard) with your desired design in a digital print.


What should be considered when buying a Cajon?

Are you looking for a cool Cajon and thinking about buying one? But what should you look for when buying the right Cajon? We would like to give you the following tips on which our products place great value:
Safety. We attach a lot of importance to safety, as our products are designed and developed especially for children. When buying the Cajons, make sure that no snare rugs are cut off and pose a risk of children injuring themselves on them. That's why our snare system is unique in that we hide it behind a wooden crossbar so children can't get hurt.
Sound. The sound of a Cajon is decisive for the fun of playing. Children in particular quickly lose interest in playing if the sound of the Cajon is not good. At baff, we pay a lot of attention to a great sound with snare and bass. Children especially love the snare, which produces a buzzing sound, and think it's great when the sound is right. The right wood, a good and high-quality playing surface and the snare system are important for a great sound with snare and bass.
Workmanship. The workmanship of Cajons is also very important. There are many manufacturers who produce cheaply in the Far East and do not place decisive value on good workmanship. At Baff, the products are mainly produced in Germany or in a very high-quality production facility in Romania. Here, workmanship is very important.
Correct seat height. The right seat height is important when playing the Cajons. For this reason, Baff offers many different seat heights so that even the smallest children can have fun playing and have the optimal seat height.
Material. Our products comply with the toy guideline EN 71-3. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable materials and lacquers without organic solvents ensure the highest quality in our products.


Learning the Cajon is easy? With our educational learning concept.

Do children prefer drumming? But how can you teach them in a fun and easy way? With our learning system you can learn rhythm in the simplest way. For this purpose, we have developed a staff system that consists of different symbols. For this reason, each of our Cajons is printed with two red and one blue hand (or received as a sticker), which mark the two notes "bass and snare". The representation with symbols and colours enables children (but also adults) to play rhythms in a simple way. The children learn in a playful way.

The basis of our system is the textbook, which has been written especially for educators and teachers. In it you will find examples of use, music games on various topics (movement, language development or numerical comprehension) rhythm exercises, join-in songs and join-in stories. A learning CD with rhythm exercises and join-in songs as well as the helpful note symbols for display complete the textbook. The textbook is designed in such a way that no previous musical knowledge is required and the topic of "rhythm" is explained in the simplest way.