Biff Baff drum game. The music and movement game

The music and movement game for institutions and the whole family. Biff Baff is the crazy drum game that brings out the musician in you. This tactful music game offers 13 different game variations full of fun action and demonstrates an unerring sense of rhythm. Live it up and bang the drum together with your fellow players as you discover your musical vein. The sound body is made entirely of wood. Biff Baff's conductor is a turntable that leads different rhythm sequences in a varied way. You drum the right beat on the drum board to rousing rhythms and actions. The winner is the one who hits the beat most accurately.

Biff Baff is amazingly simple to use, with no complicated rules, yet still presents a musical and responsive challenge. The funny way of playing trains your sense of rhythm and the different possible levels of difficulty let even the youngest become a real rock musician!


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