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The main idea of baff music-furniture is that you can combine rhythm fun, functionality and modern design in a single piece of furniture. Our products can be integrated in your domestic rooms and in every childlren room. The baff products also have a second use: our comfortable chairs, stools or our board game is also a musical instrument (= Cajon) that sounds really good. We have the right products for children, adults, teenager and the whole family. The patented products not only look good and provide a lot of fun:baff music-furniture are also perfect for the use in early musical education and for events. rhythm, music and lot of good humor will go with baff music-furniture into everyday life.


beatbox "Pappe-la-Papp"
Good-sounding Cajon made out of cardboard

Our drum stool made of cardboard is the perfect product for private use, kindergarden and schools. Drumming becomes a phenomenal experience for young and old.

Fun-rhythm-game made out of cardboard

This rhythm and sequence game gets you and your friends snapping, clapping and drumming together! Great for home or classroom. Multiple games.


Children Drumming Stool
Colorful Children-Cajons

We have a wide range of music stools (= Kids Cajons) for children with our different seat heights and the full range of different colors. They sound brilliant.

        Drum-Stool Construction-Kit (=Cajon-Kit)
Build your own Cajon

With the music-stool as a construction kit kids, teens or adults can build in a few minutes their own music stool together (= Cajon). The simple design with a unique plug-in system and an absolutely high-quality sound.


beatbox "Unicolor"
Teenager-Cajon in white, black, nature

Young people have different needs than children and their own Teenie-room is their business card. What could there be more appropriate than a cool furniture?


beatbox "Robeat"
Graffiti-Style of the beatbox

The beatbox Robeat is very stylish and customized in design to teenagers. With a seat height of 42cm, it can be played by adults and by young teenagers.



KLACKS! Drum Stool
Drumming is easy with KLACKS!

The cool KLACKS! Drum stool is available with the seat height 30 cm and look stylish, are inexpensive and produced in good quality. Also the sound is perfect.

        KLACKS! Box
Small Box - Big Sound!

Within seconds the KLACKS! Box is ready to play and can be used as a table or floor-Cajon. With practice it is playable even on your lap. The KLACKS! - Box does not waste space by their flat design and still sounds great.


Roll-Storage KLACKS! Box
fits for 12 Klacks! Boxes

The storage roll container for a total of 12 KLACKS! Boxes. The teacher can use the storage also as a game console for show time. The storage cabinet is equipped with wheels and can easily moved to other classrooms.


KLACKS! Teaching-Book
Teaching Book for KLACKS!

In the KLACKS! Teaching Book you got music games to various subjects (movement, language skills or numeracy) rhythm exercises, interactive songs and interactive stories. All developed for school & kindergarden.



beatbox "Unheilig"
Cajon of the famous band UNHEILIG

For real fans of the band "UNHEILIG". Available is the "beatbox UNHEILIG" in black and white and it comes with an autograph signed by the main singer.


Biff Baff - Drumming Game
The musical game-fun for the family

Biff Baff is the crazy drum game in which the musician is in you. This tactful music game features 13 different game variations full of witty action and demonstrates unerring sense of rhythm.



Loungestool (Cajon for Adults)
The musical design stool

For the adults there is a stylish lounge stool in black or white. The sound of the lounge stool of baff music-furniture is "first class" by its absolute concise bass and snare sound..


Music-chair (=Cajonchair)
Designer chair for adults

The musicchair is enjoyed by professional musicians as well by private persons. For instance James Kottak, drummer of the famous Rock-Band "The Scorpions" plays baff on his live tour.



Children Drumming Chair
Children Chair with removable drum

Our Children Drumming Chairs let children's heart beat faster, because a chair to beat on is really something special. The five trendy colors white, pink, blue, green and orange fits in any Children room.


fits to the Drum-Chairs and Drum-Stools

The quality child tables (birch) fit perfect for our children drum chairs and children's stools. The tables are perfect to make the children-room with the baff products complete.



Teaching-Book for kindergarden

The interactive Teaching-Book is designed for the practual use in kindergarden, school and music-group and as well for the individual use. It teaches on a fun way the basic of the instruments music-furniture and drum.


Cajon for seniors & handicapped people

The Bodybox can play both sitting and standing, making it very versatile. The Bodybox was developed especially for physically and mentally impaired children and adults and for the elderly.



Build and paint your own Shaker

CRAFT & SHAKE offers 3 times fun for the children: first construction-set out of a carton will be painted, then built and in the end you have your own music Shaker, which allows you to make music!


Drum- and Boardgame in one furniture

With the Funtable we have combined two exciting employment-options in one game device. On the one hand the Funtable is a drum game with 13 fun rhythm and language games that promotes rhythm


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